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I am currently the in house photographer of Rock Hard Magazine (France) and frequently working with Guitare Xtreme, Batterie, Bassiste and Guitare Sèche Magazines as well.

I'm also covering the Hellfest festival since 2011, from which I am part of the Official Media Photographers.

Latest works :

On November 10th, 2022 was published the super massive book Hellfest : la Bible. Many photos I took at the festival this this last decade are published on this magnificent book, alongside exclusive photos of the crew.

Right before that was also released the 2nd edition of the book Hellfest : le festival raconté par les groupes in September 2022 containing additional content in which I greatly participated.

In July 2022 I had the privilege to immortalize the last Transatlantic show ever at the Olympia in Paris. These photos are used in the cover and the booklet of the BlueRay  "The Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia".

Early 2020 I travelled across Europe with Dream Theater as a touring photo and video content creator. I made all the still photos of the "Distant Memories" DVD, as well as promotional daily videos (some of the rushes were used in the DVD and to make the bonuses).

I have already toured with DT in 2012 in Japan, in 2014 ("Along for The Ride" tour), and 2016 ("The Astonishing" tour) and 2017 ("Images, Words and Beyond" tour) in Europe. My photos were used every tour since then on the different tour programs and some merch.
We built through the years a strong relationship of which I am very proud and honored.
These last years, I also toured with Arch Enemy (Japan), Myrath (Europe, USA, Japan and Africa), Accept (Switzerland) and many more.

In 2019, I worked on a photographic project combining two different themes : music and wine (yes, this is so French !).

Few months later, that lead to the release of the - widely distributed - book Accords Majeurs : les virtuoses de la musique et du vin (tr. "Major chords : the virtuosos of music and wine")

The same year, the massive book Hellfest : le festival raconté par les groupes (tr. "Hellfest : the festival told by the bands") was released, containing about a hundred of exclusive shots I've taken in the last decade. I'm honored to be chosen as the main photographer of this beautiful piece of art.

Through the years, I also took a lot of official promo photos of several bands. Some these as well as some of my live photos were also used in CD/DVD booklets.

Ex : Dream Theater (Live At Luna Park limited-edition Blu-Ray Booklet + Live In Berlin), Myrath (Shehili Legacy / Live at Sweden Rock 2019), Sortilège (Phoenix), Arkan (Sofia), Sortilège (Phoenix), Pendragon (Out Of Order Comes Chaos), Ayreon (The Source), Jordan Rudess and Steve Horelic (Intersonic), Les Wampas (Never Trust a Best-Of)Emel Mathlouthi (Kelmti Horra), Angellore (La Litanie des Cendres)

My work has been published in international specialized magazines such as :

- Classic Rock (UK)

- Burrn! Magazine (Japan)

- Young Guitar (Japan)
- Rock Hard (Germany)

- Metal Hammer (Spain)

- This is Rock (Spain)
- Hellzine (Belgium)

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